Go! Viet Nam will officially begin human trial on her own domestic vaccine, starting from 10 December |

Viet Nam will officially begin human trial on her own domestic vaccine, starting from 10 December

2020.12.05 17:59 ComradeH_VIE Viet Nam will officially begin human trial on her own domestic vaccine, starting from 10 December

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2020.12.05 17:59 MamaMelZumba Day 462 (findkylebrittain) Please pray...a decomposed body was found by hikers in Paauilo awaiting identification by DNA & dental records.

Day 462 (findkylebrittain) Not likely this is Kyle who was hiking in the opposite direction. Two other men also went missing in Big Island last summer 2019. Please pray for all of us who are still anguished over the disappearances of my son Kyle (and Justin & Jacky) on the Big Island of Hawaii.
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2020.12.05 17:59 Thesamthatsung The max amount of gold you can carry

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2020.12.05 17:59 TheVileBile Angry Birds 3 Leaked Trailer

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2020.12.05 17:59 AtaeruShinzou Daily NicoMaki #257: 😀✌😉

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2020.12.05 17:59 K4milLeg1t [PHONK] yenboy666 - ETERNAL REST w/ $urf

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2020.12.05 17:59 Either_Ad_4129 If u know it u know it

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2020.12.05 17:59 Scamp9572 Hut Rush vs. cpu

Is there any advantage/ disadvantage playing cpu on rookie vs. pro or all star. Rewards better? It’s just about points right? Can rack up pretty quick on lower skill level.
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2020.12.05 17:59 spinningpeanut During a time when people are getting sick with covid, do not tell the person calling you "go f yourself". Especially when you are expecting a medical call.

If you get tested for covid and your parents trust you to put your very own phone number down on the lab results sheet, expect someone will call you.
I get it in a time of YouTubers and tiktok stars making videos of them disrupting a telemarketer it's funny to prank them with choice words and messing around, I get it. Prank calls are part of being a teen.
However even if you aren't expecting a call it is unwise to answer the phone. Telemarketer scams use computerized programs sometimes to determine if someone is actually on the other line, answering the phone can send a signal that yes, someone is there and they will absolutely pick up, giving the scammers the greenlight to keep calling you.
But when you have been trusted to use your own phone number for medical reasons do not tell the person on the other end to "go f*** yourself" and continue to hang up. Let them leave a message. You can tell right away if it's a scammer calling you because it's an automated message on loop or it's something ridiculous like a warrant out for your arrest in the message. A medical message will always ask by name and if you answer only verify your date of birth. If you keep getting scam calls let them leave a message. They'll slow off and you'll only get a few scams a month.
For the love of God if you don't know the number don't answer or if you do answer don't start with cursing, it could be your doctor trying to tell you that you got covid.
This has been a PSA by a lab result informer.
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2020.12.05 17:59 SpaceTheBookWorm cop or not

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2020.12.05 17:59 10-4_over Can you guys tell when I joined this sub?!?

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2020.12.05 17:59 PvtHacker Happens Everytime!

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2020.12.05 17:59 evanenby96 Progressive worsening of symptoms

Is it usual for CFS to get gradually worse over time? Symptoms started 2 years ago, diagnosed this year.
If I think back to this time last year, it seems that my energy/concentration/pain has been getting progressively worse. I’ve been working 3 days/week and it’s getting harder and harder. I am only coping because I’m working from home due to COVID, and lying down at lunch time. I’m so scared of where this is going to end up.
I don’t get the typical PEM lasting for days, every day is similar for me, but worsening over time. I often worry I have cancer or MS or some other illness I need to address urgently.
Any words of reassurance or kindness will help.
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2020.12.05 17:59 IHateKingHenriVII r/sino automated ban message

You aren't smart enough to get by the mods, try westerner. Tiananmen Square is vindicated by China's development. Anti terror system in Xinjiang is working. End result for HK is the same since 1997, regardless of rioters. Scientology-esque FLG/Shen Yun cult show has failed for decades. All their claims is about them losing badly, if you believe them.
Nothing you say or do is ever going to matter to China or this subreddit. You will come to terms with this one way or another. Trash is auto removed also and there's nothing you can do about it. Feel free to hold your breath until someone replies if you think we are bluffing.
Beliefs of founder cultleader of Falun Gong from own lectures on official falundafa site https://redd.it/42wlvf
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2020.12.05 17:59 CapCityCrown Choose wisely

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2020.12.05 17:59 Namiriu Some months ago i've seen an alternative to Overwolf app for update Addons in the game but can't remember the name of the program, any help please ?

Hey everyone,
As the title state, some months ago there was a post in this sub talking about an other program than Overwolf ( hope i spell it good ) for keep Addons updated, anyone can help me please ? I've try to go trough my reddit saved post but its look like i've saved too much post since and i'm not able to find it anymore.
Wish you a great day, stay safe and enjoy the game !
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2020.12.05 17:59 Sakurazaka46 2015 MacBook Pro 13" runs slow

I have an old 2015 MacBook Pro 13" which I believe is the base model:

and the machine just runs really slow and hot.
The machine originally came with El Capitan, but over time I installed Sierra, High Sierra, Catalina, and now Big Sur, but performance just got worse over time, which I believe is expected.
Watching Youtube videos is difficult. I have had better luck with Safari, but it takes about 3 seconds to go full screen. On Firefox, video playback is choppy and the fans ramp up. I did a test and the temperatures ran around 70C to 100C.
I opened up the machine, replaced the battery as it was really swollen, thankfully the chassis wasn't permanently warped. I repasted the CPU and cleaned the fan. Unfortunately that did not reduce temperatures or improve system stability in any way. I have even cleared the NVRAM/PRAM. I only do clean installs, no upgrades.
I know that this model is 5 years old, so I should not be complaining, but I know someone who is using a 2011 MBP (8GB RAM) and another person using a 2015 MBP (Core i7, 16GB) and they are using them for web development perfectly fine. They run Docker containers with PostgreSQL, multiple Google Chrome tabs, NodeJS, etc.
Is this machine just too old to use other than web browsing and checking emails?
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2020.12.05 17:59 BluWintr Help me build the Advantage Denier

The next character I'm playing is a Wildhunt Shifter, Clockwork Soul Sorcerer. No attacks against me within 30ft can benefit from advantage while shifted, and two reactions (starting at 1st Level) to nullify any one instance of advantage/disadvantage I want within 60ft. I'm also taking Mind Sliver for the -d4 to saving throws as well.
What other spells, feats, etc. could I take when leveling up to go even harder with this concept of neutralizing every roll i possibly can? I know dipping into Divination Wizard would be great for this, but I've already rolled stats and don't have a high enough intelligence to multiclass :p
Got any ideas?
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2020.12.05 17:59 woahjeff8899 Thinking about getting into reading again

So over quarantine, I decided to try to get into reading with all the free time I had. I did fairly well, some what a steady pace and progress. However, when my work reopened and I had school again it just got too busy for me to continue. I still have work, but I’m on winter break now which allows me more free time. So I was wondering when you guys stop reading a book for a little, do you guys jump back into where you left off, or start over?? Also any advice for reading in general? I do enjoy reading but sometimes I can’t focus or I get too tired to even start physically reading.
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2020.12.05 17:59 ReneRumb Where should I connect these two front panel fan connectors on my ASRock steel legend b550?

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2020.12.05 17:59 techsolveprac कुछ प्रेरणादायक सुविचार तथा उनका अंग्रेजी अनुवाद

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2020.12.05 17:59 InspirobotBot 05.12.2020 17:59:53

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2020.12.05 17:59 benh999 Taiwanese-made test identifies gum disease bacteria - Taipei Times

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2020.12.05 17:59 Spozee Boost for boooost

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/CyZLeLGrZ9
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