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The Elusive Obvious

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176 pages
The befuddled white head elder reads aloud from the Bible, his soft voice drowned out by the shouts of praise.Next, they introduce their unique FAROUT method for choosing the right tools for each assignment.
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All are brimming with practical ideas you can try today, and you save big by buying the bundle!The Elusive Obvious presents a thorough and accessible explanation of the Feldenkrais Method, and, as its title indicates, throws light on the solutions to many of our difficulties that are hidden in plain sight. Die Reliquie It just so happened that one day I took one of those Krishnamurti books and I found it fascinating. Die Stimme A number of FI lessons with Carl Ginsburg brought further invaluable clarification of how to proceed in reversing, and to a large extent curing, a condition that in conventional medical science had been thought irreversible.