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Gorki Park

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KGB does not like Arkady Renko very much since he has tried to prove their guilt once before and he is sure that they are now out for a revenge.Not only do the politics come off as hypocritical, the whole world of espionage is shown as an inhuman and cruel game of greedy and power hungry opportunists.Faces and fingertips have been removed and KGB seams to know something about this but they do not want the case.
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Jeden Tag eine neue Tour.Gorky Park is one of my favorite political thriller and a film I watch regularly. Halloweenkind I have never understood why it is not better known and better rated. Rauchern fur tiefe Meditationen Die Maisonette-Ferienwohnung mit 101qm befindet sich in der 3.It is rather unfair to expect a 2 hour long film to include everything from a 600 page book.