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Rather Be the Devil

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116 pages
Cafferty is taking a close interest in the assault on Christie which eventually brings Rebus and the police to his door.We end the dark parts of Edinburgh with Rebus to track down the killers, although there is little satisfaction in justice in the book.
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Rather Be the Devil: The superb Rebus No.1 bestseller

I am grateful to NetGalley, Little, Brown, and Ian Rankin for providing me with a copy of this excellent mystery.DI Siobhan Clarke brings the cold case files to Rebus, and he delves into the case. Feuer der Freiheit I had to concentrate hard to keep track of the various threads and, in fact, I eventually gave up on this endeavour and just savoured the richness of the prose and the brilliant, and often hilarious, interchanges between the various characters. Der Schmetterling / Kommissar Johan Rokka Bd.1 Time for a little amateur sleuthing!As usual, I enjoyed this, although the pacing was a bit slow and there were those inconsistencies.

Rebus is retired but we all know that is not going to stop him nosing around in John Rebus is a favourite of mine, and when this book became available, I snapped it up.Judging by this single book, Rankin is a journeyman writer who is good at both character and plot. The Snow Day that went Terribly Wrong Von 1987 bis 2007 sind insgesamt 18 Rebus-Krimis erschienen und Rankin, vielfach ausgezeichnet, gilt heute als einer der international erfolgreichsten Krimiautoren. Lerngeschichten mit Wilma Wochenwurm A book which I highly recommend.Morris Gerald "Big Ger" Cafferty used to run Edinburgh.