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The Quiet Side of Passion

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325 pages
But in this one, Isabel becomes much more outspoken and, dare I say it, human.As the employer of two of them, she had a right and a responsibility to set out the rules of employment yet she abdicated that responsibility and did nothing more than agonize about things.
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The Quiet Side of Passion: An Isabel Dalhousie Nov: Amazon

The Quiet Side of Passion by Alexander McCall Smith

As examples, in this book she thinks about loyalty and betrayal, the morality of human-robot relationships, and whether or not music has a moral flavor. Blumenbeet und Burgermeister Of course she and her wonderful husband, Jamie, have their hands full. Todesgarten / Kommissar Michael Schone Bd.2 She simply let all three walk all over her.The Quiet Side of Passion is book 12 in this series and for anyone like me who started at book one it is like a visit to old friends.

At one point, Isabel offers their son Charlie a piece of chocolate cake after a spaghetti dinner. Selbstzuwendung, Selbstakzeptanz, Selbstvertrauen Once the plot got moving and the musing lessened, I did enjoy it a bit more. Minus 18 Grad / Fabian Risk Bd.3 For a smart person she pulls some pretty dumb moves at times.The humour is always there, but subtle.

I read every one of these novels as soon as they are published because I love Isabel Dalhousie, and her life. Familientherapie fur Dummies I loved it that Isabel makes some serious mistakes and misjudgements in this episode. Dominion Built of Praise I bought this audiobook.Though Isabel finds Patricia rather pushy, she tries to be civil and supportive, especially given that Patricia is raising her son on her own, without the help of his father, a well-known Edinburgh organist, also named Basil.