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The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

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251 pages
Maybe the plot was simpler than The Mysterious Benedict Society, but I was enjoying the book too much to really care.Beyond it Nicholas could see most of Pebbleton without moving his head.I really liked how it ended though and the mystery did not get boring for a second.
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The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict (eBook

I loved the book but I feel like I need more inf I LOVE THIS BOOOOOOKKKKK!!!!Now which mystery am I supposed to read? Gegen alle Sterne / Constellation Bd.1 Okay), I do like him as a model for how to stand up to bullies and use your nerderific powers for good.And a note about the other books in the series, I loved to see how all of the children (Reynie, Star Rating: I adored this, completely unsurprisingly, since this whole series has captured my heart. Ohne Schuld / Polizistin Kate Linville Bd.3 Collum lingered at the ticket counter, checking his pocket watch against the station house clock.Will we get to meet Nicholas as a teenager next?