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Unendlicher Spa?

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Unfortunately, this particular insight, if accurate, absolutely did not make the book any less exasperating to read.Will it seem hopelessly dated in another few decades, with its quaint cartridge-based media and its 1990s "TV rots your brain" fears?These are worldbuilding scenes bloated out of control, methodical and tiresome and pretty damn boring.
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Unendlicher Spa?: Infinite Jest. Roman: Amazon.de: Foster

Incandenza, einer Hauptfigur des Romans. Jahre an der Elbchaussee / Hamburg-Saga Bd.2 A lot of listeners ask me about my namesake.DFW created a piece of entertainment that once read, leaves the reader only wanting to read it again and again and again and again. Zauber am Strand / Magische Haschen Bd.3 University of South Carolina Press, Columbia 2009, ISBN 978-1-57003-887-7, S.