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Vor dem Fest

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Johann wants to do his practical exam to qualify as a bell-ringer but the bells have gone, Lada (a previous car he had) has left his VW Golf half-submerged in the lake and Herr Schramm, torn between buying cigarettes and putting a bullet through his brain decides on the less bloody alternative.Rather, it is a delightful celebration of the ways in which the occupants of a small town come together to form a community, full of eccentric artists, mutant pigs, reclusive chicken owners, members of the aristocratic Poppo von Blankenburg family, wild animals, and yes, even the occasional neo-Nazi.
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Sasa Stanisic: Vor dem Fest. Roman - Perlentaucher

Before the Feast is beautiful, enchanting, weird, and wonderful.The language is wonderful, so odds are the translation is good. Der Fu?ball-Roboter / Die drei Fragezeichen-Kids Bd.75 One chapter solely consists of a menu. Body of the Conquistador Why is the ferryman dead?