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Bertie Plays The Blues

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Back in the day, Lillian and Madison were besties at an elite boarding school, the former a smart scholarship student and the latter a quirky but spoiled rich girl.The Bertie sections are brilliant.I set aside some chores this Sunday afternoon to finish off this wonderful trip into the world of Bertie, Angus and Matthew.
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Bertie Plays The Blues: 44 Scotland Street, Book 7

Bertie Plays the Blues by Alexander McCall Smith

So many intertwined stories and I feel I know the characters so well.I love the way this series was written, chapter by chapter as a serial publication. verliebt, versohlt, versklavt - wenn Strenge not (gut) tut Erotischer SM-Roman We sit alongside Domenica as she struggles with what life is compared to what life should be. Aus der Dunkelkammer des Bosen He is a treasure.