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Der Flugelschlag des Glucks

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Eine sehr spannende Familiengeschichte bekomme ich hier geboten.A depressing read where nothing seems to go right for the poor characters.Dad, C, is now moving to Spain to live on the commune.
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Der Flugelschlag des Glucks: Roman: Amazon.de: Jewell

Lisa Jewell. Der Flugelschlag des Glucks (dt. 2015

Die Figuren werden toll charakterisiert. Zimmer 19 / Tom Babylon Bd.2 It was fascinating to read about a family dealing with the aftermath of a mother with a hording disorder. Wohllebens Waldfuhrer Like many people, I have watched the popular hoarding reality show "Buried Alive" but I never truly understood how deep the rabbit hole really went for people suffering from this affliction.Highly recommend, and look forward to reading more from Lisa.